Q: Should I install a tankless water heater?

Fact: Up-front costs are higher. Whether gas or electric, tankless heaters are twice to three times the cost of traditional tank heaters, depending on size. Electric tankless heaters require larger breakers and wiring and most electrical services have to be upgraded to accommodate more electrical power.

A: If your trying to save space or have an endless supply of hot water then your probably a good candidate for a tankless heater. If your trying to save money, it may take years to recoup your investment.

Q: Will a tankless water heater give me hot water instantly?

Fact: Tankless heaters heat water when flow is detected.

A: It depends on your application, if your tankless heater is installed under a sink as a point of use then your answer is yes. If you install a tankless heater for providing water to the whole house then the answer is most likely no. The water from the heater to the fixture being used has to be evacuated from the line before the heated water arrives.  A recirculating pump,  continuously moving hot water through fixture supply lines, would need to be used to have instant hot water at the fixture.  

You Can Put Any Food Down Your Garbage Disposal

FALSE:While there are many varieties of garbage disposals, in general the majority of them are made to grind down soft food particles. Tossing hard waste in your disposal makes it harder to manage and may cause a blockage. If you can’t chew it, your Garbage Disposal most likely can’t either. It is also best to keep fibrous foods out of the disposal because they can get wrapped around the grinding teeth and prevent the motor from operating properly, if you do put them down your disposal add them to the disposal in small amounts and keep cold water running before, during, and after the process. 

You Can Dispose of Grease By Putting It Down Your Disposal Garbage

 FALSE:No grease, oil or fat should ever be disposed of down any drain in the home including the garbage disposal. Oils and greases can build up in the pipes and in the system. It can hinder the ability of the disposal to grind the food and can cause blockages or narrowed pipes that will keep food and water from running through them. 

It Is Best To Have Hot Water Running When Using Your Garbage Disposal

 FALSE:In theory, one would think that running hot water would assist in the dissolving or breaking down of food moving down the garbage disposal. A garbage disposal is a mechanical system made up of parts that can actually overheat, which is the main reason it’s not advised.And if any oil, fat or grease has made its way into the garbage disposal the hot water can bring it back to its liquid state causing it to move further down the drain and re-solidify when it cools causing a blockage in the pipes. 

Lemons Can Be Used to Clean or Freshen the Garbage Disposal

 FALSE:I KNOW!  Most of us have believed this to be true, sure they may make the sink smell better, for a little bit, but they do not actually do anything to help move any remaining food product through better than running any other food or water through the system. The citric acid can actually damage the metal in the garbage disposal over time. If your garbage disposal smells be aware that it could be a sign that maintenance is required.